This category has the courses relating to teacher education as per the syllabus structure provided by National Council for Teacher Education.

Syllabus to be covered
Concept of test, measurement, examination, appraisal, evaluation and their inter relationships. जाँच, मापन, परीक्षण, औचित्य निर्धारण, मूल्यांकन के संप्रत्यय तथा उनके अंतर्संबंध

Purpose and objectives of assessment- for placement, providing feedbacks, grading promotion, certification, diagnostic of learning difficulties, supporting learning of the students. मूल्यांकन के उद्देश्य – पदस्थापन, प्रतिपुष्टि देना, उच्च कक्षा प्रवेश, प्रमाणन, अधिगम कठिनता की पहचान, छात्रों के अधिगम प्रक्रिया में सहयोग।

Forms of assessment: (मूल्यांकन के प्रकार)
  1. Based on purpose: Formative, Summative, prognostic; diagnostic; Norm referenced; Criterion referenced
  2. Based on nature & scope: Teacher made; Standardized
  3. Based on mode of response: Oral, written, performance
  4. Based on context: Internal, External, self, peer, & teacher
  5. Based on nature of information gathered: Quantitative, & Qualitative

Importance of assessment & evaluation for Quality Education – as a tool in Pedagogic decision making on as writing instructional objectives, selection of content, teaching learning resources, methodology, strategies & assessment procedures followed.

Authentic assessment; school based assessment